Our Story

Mockingbird Tiny Homes is owned by husband and wife team Chad and Kelly.

They began living together in a 250 square foot studio, which was the start of a minimalist lifestyle that allowed them to focus more on experiences and relationships rather than possessions. Now they are dedicated to being part of the nationwide tiny house movement and support the philosophy of living in a simpler, more sustainable way. With their combined experience, they offer thoughtfully designed homes that meet and exceed traditional building codes, along with relentless attention to detail and excellent customer service.

The mockingbird symbol comes from the distinguishing feature of the species - the unique ability to mimic the songs of other birds. Mockingbird Tiny Homes echo the comfort, convenience and tranquility of traditional homes without sacrificing quality. Our model home, known as the Palila, is named after an endemic species found only on the Big Island.


We expanded our shop in 2019 which has allowed us to begin building two tiny homes at a time. As the local industry leader, we have developed a streamlined construction process which helps us better serve our clients and make the most of their budget.


When you choose us as your custom builder, you can trust that your tiny home is being built with security in mind. Each project is not only protected from the elements, but our surveillance system and insured facility gives you peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.